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Special Steel Association (Edelstahl-Vereinigung)

Logo Edelstahl-VereinigungThe Special Steel Association is an alliance of companies in the special steel industry. Its history began when the works first came together in an association in response to the rising demand for increasingly high-quality steels – the special steels – in order to meet their specific special steel-related interests. This took place on 12 December 1914 with the founding of what was then the Association of German Special Steel Works.

The Special Steel Association is a registered association based in Düsseldorf. Its organs are the Members’ Meeting, the Executive Board, the Restricted Board and the Management Board. It represents the interests of its members (mostly SMEs) and is solely concerned with topics specific to special steels.

Focusing on the economic needs of the special steels industry

The tasks of the Special Steel Association consist of determining and promoting the general commercial needs of the special steels industry, taking into account the overall interests of the business economy. The various committees of the Special Steel Association have been set up to reflect the various steel groups: engineering and bearing steels, stainless steel, tool and high-speed steels and the products of the first level of processing, such as bright steel or stainless drawn ultrafine wires.



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