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Steel Information Centre (S-I-Z)

Logo Stahl-Informations-Zentrum SIZThe Steel Information Centre was a joint organisation of steel-producing and steel-processing companies in Germany. It provided neutral market- and user-oriented information on the processing and use of the material.

In order to structure the external presence of the associations of the steel industry in Germany more uniformly for all target groups, the Steel Information Centre will be integrated in the German Steel Federation from 1.1.2014. All services will be kept in this organisation.

Practically oriented information on steel

Documentation, technical leaflets and the ‘Characteristic Features’ series provide practically oriented information on the variety of uses, and the range of processing and machining processes, for steel.

Talks, specialist training courses and congresses

Symposia or talks provide a forum for practical progress reports. Practical seminars and specialist training courses, for example on energy- optimised and cost-effective building with light construction systems made of steel for roofs and facades, on steel safety barriers and on steel sheet pilings are organised. In addition, one of Europe’s largest architectural congresses every two years under the motto ‘New Construction with Steel’ is organised.

Steel exhibited

Trade fairs and exhibitions are used to present the specific performance features of steel. Information to architects, engineers, installers and developers on the wide range of applications for steel in construction – at BAU in Munich and DEUBAUKOM in Essen are provided.

The Steel Innovation Prize

For 25 years now, the Steel Information Centre has been honouring innovations using the material steel. The Steel Innovation Prize is awarded every three years and is one of the most important competitions of its kind in Germany.



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