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Stahleisen Publishing House

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The Stahleisen Publishing House is one of the steel industry’s leading specialist publishers worldwide. In addition to numerous specialist periodicals, industry-directories and books in German and English, it offers online electronic media. Its range of services is rounded out by its daily online news service specialising in the steel sector.

Specialist periodicals on steel, worldwide

‘stahl und eisen’ (‘steel and iron’): A journal of record for the production and processing of iron and steel. The journal also informs about latest trends regarding companies and steel markets and offers its readers valuable content for personal usage

‘stahlmarkt’ (‘steel market’): A leading German-language magazine for steel distributors, steel service centres, trader and processors. Market developments, trading and distribution business, objectives and solutions of steel use as well as new technical developments are of primary importance.

‘MPT international’: ‘Metallurgical Plant and Technology International’: leading English-language specialist magazine for the technology of steel production, available worldwide in 124 countries and with special editions for China, Brazil, Turkey, Russia and the other CIS countries

‘steel research international’: An international journal for the publication of high-quality manuscripts with emphasis on steel and materials involved in the processing of steel (English, available from Wiley-VCH). Both experimental and theoretical research is published.


The publishing house also offers business-directories: the range of publications includes the ‘Jahrbuch Stahl’ (‘yearbook steel’), the ‘Key to Steel Industry Suppliers’ and the ‘Handbook of the European Iron and Steel Works’. They all offer an essential and competent overview of the steel-industry .

The Stahleisen Bookshop

The Stahleisen Bookshop is a leading online-bookstore for the steel industry. The shop offers a variety of reference and specialist books and a wide range of technical regulations (inspection sheets and material data sheets, etc.)

Online News Service

The Online News Service collates current news from the steel industry. It keeps you up-to-date on worldwide developments.



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Verlag Stahleisen GmbH
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