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Steel Institute VDEh

VDEh_Logo_web_ENArising from the Association of German Steel Manufacturers (VDEh), the Düsseldorf-based Steel Institute VDEh has been the forum dealing with technical-scientific and technical-economic aspects of the steel industry since 1860. Whereby, in addition to steel producers, both plant manufacturers and other suppliers of the steel industry are also involved. The Steel Institute VDEh currently has about 6,600 members in Germany and abroad, as well as 160 supporting and collaborative member companies in the steel and supplier industry.

Further development of steel technology and the material steel

As a competent service provider, the aim of the Steel Institute VDEh is to support technical-scientific and technical-economic collaboration in the further development of steel technology and the material steel. The activities of the Steel Institute VDEh are based on the exchange of experiences between experts in technical-scientific committees, which present companies with the latest technological findings and thus serve to increase their competitiveness. The VDEh closely networks with national and international institutions. The Institute also covers the following range of tasks:

Researching jointly, protecting results

The organisations that participate in the Stahl-Zentrum jointly focus on research and development as well as innovations. The Steel Institute VDEh co-ordinates the joint research plans of its members and has excellent research facilities – with its participation in the VDEh Institute for Applied Research and the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung.

Joint exploitation of steel expertise

Publication of the technical and scientific research results of its members is a central concern of the Steel Institute VDEh, providing new opportunities for future innovations involving steel. The Steel Institute VDEh also maintains a technical library that is accessible to the public. Important national and international specialist events are organised and implemented, with the aim of achieving an effective transfer of knowledge.

Promoting young talent, securing innovative power

Innovations in steel require a constant supply of new talent to drive forward further development. The Steel Institute VDEh sponsors the next generation of engineers and supports state-recognised educational institutions and research establishments. The Steel Academy of the VDEh is involved in promoting young talent and further education – by offering technical and non-technical seminars.


Standardisation is an important part of the VDEh’s range of tasks: representation of the German steel industry in the appropriate international and European bodies, as well as the creation of national standards, makes a major strategic contribution to the international competitiveness of the steel industry in Germany.

Networked knowledge throughout Europe

The members of the Steel Institute VDEh are also members of national and international bodies. This networking is a prerequisite for the efficient distribution of steel-specific information.

Europe is playing an increasingly important role: representatives of European steel producers and plant manufacturers are active in numerous committees. In European comparisons, the Steel Institute VDEh already has USPs in its technical-scientific competences along the steel production chain. The aim is to further develop the Steel Institute VDEh into a competent service provider in joint technical-scientific work in Europe – to the benefit of the member works and the material steel.



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