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Technical Information Department and Library

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Technical Library
Literature Information

Dipl.-Bibl. Marina Lopez
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Technical Scientific Information

The Technical Information Department and Library supplies tailormade information. It covers the entire field of steel production, properties and application and relevant additional fields.

Technical Library

The technical library offers numerous publi­cations and historical

The library (founded in 1905) has a collection of about 70,000 monographic works and 90,000 journals as well as a picture and film collection. The oldest books go back to the 16th century and the journals back to the 18th century.

Today the library subscribes to about 380 national and international journals and procures annually nearly 2000 technical literature publications including the so-called „grey literature“, such as dissertations, conference proceedings, papers from companies and autorities.

The literature research is possible with different criteria like authors and subjects. The subject index for journal articles, kept from 1922 to 1979, is unique with its 1.5 million cards. Meanwhile it is online as an image catalogue.

The online library catalogue (OPAC) offers online research and order. Included are:

  • Books – complete collection since 1992, publications in selection from 1540 to 1991
  • Journals – complete since 1992, former volumes in selection

The library ist part of the International Lending System and is able to supply users worldwide with books and copies. The library is accessible to the public and has a reading room.

You can request a list of our big collection of films and a list of our current and historical journals via e-mail.

Opening Times

Mondays to Fridays, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Literature Database: „StahlLit“ (1982- )

StahlLit provides publication data related to steelmaking.

The Documentation Department evaluates the worldwide technical literature related to steel since 1922 in so-called „documentation units“. The reviews contain the bibliographic data as well as key-words and an abstract. Special attention is focused on international conferences.

„StahlLit“ – Stahl-Zentrum’s online literature database stands for high technical quality and topical content. It contains references since 1981. The complete database material contains about 450,000 literature references.

StahlLIT offers a user-friendly literature search. An order with the integrated ordering system directly from the Stahl-Zentrum’s library is availible.

Our literaturschau stahl + eisen, the iron and steelmaking literature review, is published biweekly. The distribution is handled by the Technical Information Department of the Steel Institute VDEh.

The department performs literature researches and helps users with its access to numerous databases and its own extensive own data systems.

Literature Database:“StahlLit“ (1921-1981)

The historical catalogue with its evaluated literature references of journal articles and lectures of conferences is the predecessor of the StahlLit online-database. Until 1981 they were collected in catalogue boxes. By now the references are presented online in an image catalogue which offers the 1.5 million cards in a digital box.

„PLANTFACTS“ database

items of data on facilities worldwide.

The Information Centre operates the offline database PLANTFACTS with data of plants of the iron and steel industry worldwide. Currently it contains about 400,000 data of about 12,800 facilities. These facilities are grouped into 36 different categories according to the production chain, from ore to (surface treated) rolled steel. The data records contain identifying information (country, company, works or location); general information (year of start-up and modernisation, manufacturer, plant status) as well as plant-specific information (type, process, technical data, etc.); information on input materials, products, design capacity as well as literature references and additional information.

  • For further information, please, give us a call (Mr. Wolfgang Rudack)
    (E-Mail: | Tel.: +49 211 6707-460)
  • The data can be edited in German, English or French, as data records of the individual facilities, in tabular form, or as works overviews.

Database for Steels: „StahlDat SX“

Logo StahlDatSXStahlDat SX is the only authorized publication of the European Steel Registration Office and offers a continously growing knowledge base for steels with more than 2,500 grades.