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Here you will find the main data and facts on all aspects of steel and the steel industry.

We recommend the Statistische Jahrbuch der Stahlindustrie, published by the German Steel Federation, as a detailed reference work for data and facts on the steel industry. It appears in October every year and provides the most important figures on the steel industry for the previous year and the reference years.

Please contact gabriela.stramka@stahl-zentrum.de if, after publication of the Statistical Yearbook, you require an updating of some statistics for the current year.

The Economic Position of Steel

Crude steel production in Germany

Germany is the largest steel producer in the EU 28, with an annual production of approx. 40 m. tonnes of crude steel.

The Steel Market in Germany

Steel production in Germany

About two-thirds of the crude steel produced in Germany is made in integrated steelworks (blast furnace, steel mill and rolling mill) as oxygen steel (LD), the remaining third is produced via the electric steel route (EL).

Net sales of the steel industry in Germany

Following the collapse in total sales of the steel industry in 2009 as a result of the economic crisis, it was possible to resume its former growth during subsequent years thanks to increased delivery quantities.

Steel Use in Germany

Construction and automotive are the most important steel-using industries, accounting for more than 50% of steel production in Germany.