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Raw Materials

The steel industry in Germany, 2017

As a raw material-intensive industry, the steel industry is dependent on a reliable and cost-effective supply of raw materials. In 2017, 81 million tons of raw materials were used for steel production in Germany. This means that two tons of raw materials are needed to produce one ton of steel.
The steel industry is also an important supplier of secondary raw materials. Their use in other industries means that fewer primary raw materials are needed there.

Import dependency of the steel industry for selected raw materials, 2017

While there is complete dependency on imports for almost all raw materials, Germany is a net exporter (i.e. exports more than it imports) of scrap steel, the second most important input material in quantity terms.

Proportion of scrap in total crude steel production in Germany

The recyclability of steel is the main environmental policy argument for the material. Steel can be re-used again and again with any loss of quality. Almost half of the steel produced in Germany is made by melting scrap.