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The Building Industry

Steel in the building industry

Steel is a versatile material that has been proving itself in the building industry for over a hundred years. Optimised steel grades and innovative products – such as steel profiles and building elements made of sheet steel – have led to a continuous expansion of the advantages of this sustainable building material and its areas of use.

Bild_-Bauelemente_Dach_Fassade_cut-1024x765[1]The construction world is changing rapidly. Flexible building solutions with light, wide-spanning supporting structures, energy-efficient façade systems, and dependable foundations are increasingly popular in modern commercial, multi-storey and administrative buildings, in traffic-related constructions, in sports facilities and water engineering projects. In addition to the pure function and attractive aesthetic, buildings must now also meet the demands of sustainable construction. Low raw material consumption, energy-saving production of building products, environmentally friendly and socially acceptable construction and use, as well as long low-maintenance life cycles are the determining factors right from the planning phase.

High-strength steel profiles, modern building elements made of sheet steel, and foundations with sheet piling systems made of steel meet these requirements efficiently and permit extremely economical construction. Moreover, at the end of their useful lives, they can be dismantled and 100% recycled without loss of quality. This recycling property makes steel a regenerative building material. With its high load-bearing capacity to weight ratio and clear structures concentrated on the load-transfer function, steel is not just a synonym for representative high-tech buildings, but also offers versatile application in normal ‘everyday architecture’.