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Steel in Daily Life

Steel is everywhere

What would our world look like without steel? This material is part of our lives and accompanies us through the day: in the bathroom, in the kitchen, at work and in our leisure time. Life without steel is inconceivable.

Steel in the shower

The electricity that powers one’s electric alarm clock is generated in highly efficient power station turbines made with steel; the shower tray in the bathroom is made of steel; the cutlery, pots and sink in the kitchen too; and much of the car is also steel. The material gives form and function to an endless number of objects in our daily lives.

Steel in the working world

Our working environment is characterised by steel – machines, tools, plants. Even if not everything is made of steel, without this material everything would be nothing: wood and stone are cut with saw blades made of steel, while plastics and other metals are injected or pressed with dies made of steel. Even where none can be seen, steel ensures a long service life and safety: for example in the concrete of elegant multi-storey buildings and bridges.

Steel: also indispensable after work

Feuerstelle Fireplate

This open fire is also suitable for grilling.

Tools made of steel are required when one has finished work and is busy in the house or garden. The grill itself and the barbecue cutlery are also made of this material.

Steel, the survivor

Architects, designers and engineers like working with this material because it offers high performance and is reasonably priced, easy to form and join, and universally applicable. Depending on the processing, products made of steel can have extremely long lives. The oldest steel bridge, for example, has spanned the River Severn in Great Britain for over 230 years.

And when an object made of steel has finished its useful life it can be recycled without any loss of quality to make something new – a never-ending story, so to speak.