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The Steel Innovation Prize

Innovations secure success

Steel is innovative, and innovations secure success. One proof of this is the Steel Innovation Prize, awarded every three years to new steel products, designs, and developments for steel applications. Innovations pave the way to the future.

The prize-winners of the Steel Innovation Prize 2012

The prize-winners of the Steel Innovation Prize 2012

Steel is still a modern material. Researchers are constantly developing new steels for innovative applications. Engineers and developers use these to make new products, for which designers come up with exciting forms and functions. Architects design courageous buildings that can only be implemented with this material. And steel makes an extraordinary contribution towards environmental protection.

Every three years since 1989, the Steel Innovation Prize has honoured innovative ‘Steel Products’, ‘Steel Components and Systems for Construction’, ‘Steel in Research and Development’ and ‘Steel Design’. In 2012, a special prize was awarded to a steel innovation that contributed towards energy and material savings and decreased CO2 emissions through the use of steel.

Innovations provide a future

The winner in 2012: ‘The Slinky Springs to Fame’ bridge in Oberhausen.

A good idea alone is not enough to guarantee success. Only when it is consistently and energetically implemented and reaches the public does an idea achieve the desired success. According to the formula ‘Innovation + Communication = Success’, the Steel Innovation Prize offers the right platform for supporting innovations made of steel and presenting the quality of this material to a broad public.

Numerous companies have been able to place their steel innovations on the market as a direct result of their participation in this competition. The Steel Innovation Prize is one of the most important awards of its type in Germany.

The Steel Innovation Prize 2015

The Steel Innovation Prize will be awarded again, for the tenth time, in 2015. Have you also developed something new with steel? Then take the opportunity and enter the competition for the Steel Innovation Prize 2015! Make your presence felt right now and obtain up-to-date information on the competition in good time for the start of registration in summer 2014.

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