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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralph Sievering
General Manager BFI

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Application Focused R & D

Harnessing fundamental research for application in practice

A major part of any innovation is industrially focused or application-focused research. This includes the translation of results from fundamental research or from other specialist fields to a specific application.

“Industrialising fundamental research” in this way produces directly usable results, which in turn bring direct economic benefits and hence competitive advantages for industrial enterprises.

Process optimisation – with an eye to serving climate goals and efficiency

Vacuum distillation of salt-laden process water in a rotary evaporator.

Innovations like these help to optimise processes in iron and steelmaking and are also transferred to many other sectors of industry. While helping to enhance the semi-finished and end products, developments targeting energy and resource efficiency make important contributions to achieving climate goals.

VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut (BFI) is a leading European provider of industrially focused and application-focused R&D in the field of steelmaking technology. Delivering through-process optimisation in terms of quality, resource and energy efficiency with the aim of improving overall operational cost-effectiveness is our first and foremost objective. To achieve these goals, we improve existing processes and adapt known methods to meet the complex requirements of industrial applications.