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Dr.-Ing. Günter Briefs
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Dr.-Ing. Richard Knobloch
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Dr. Bernd-Josef Schlothmann
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Background Information

History of Standards for Iron and Steel


Standardisation of steels and steel products

Steels and steel products are standardized for more than 130 years using the consensus principle. Standards with their requirements and definitions are important for the availability and exchangeability of products and facilitate the free movement of goods.

The German Standards Committee for Iron and Steel (FES/DIN) at VDEh

Field of standardisation Contact
Structural steels, reinforcing steel, flat products
Structural steels Mr. E. Barthel
Reinforcing steel Mr. E. Barthel
Steels for cold-forming Mr. E. Barthel
Coated steel flat products Dr. R. Knobloch
Electric steel Dr. R. Knobloch
Tinplate and backplate Dr. G. Briefs
Engineering steels and long products
Engineering and tool steels Dr. G. Briefs
Steel Rod Dr. R. Knobloch
Railway track products Dr. R. Knobloch
Steels for pressure equipment
Tubes Dr. G. Briefs
Flat products Dr. R. Knobloch
Stainless steels
Stainless, heat- and creep resistant steels Dr. G. Briefs
Forgings and steel castings
Forgings Dr. R. Knobloch
Steel castings Mr. E. Barthel
Dimensional standards
Flat products Dr. R. Knobloch
Long products Dr. R. Knobloch
Other standards on iron and steel
General standards Hr. E. Barthel
Chemical analysis of ferrous materials Dr. B.-J. Schlothmann
Iron ores Mr. E. Barthel